How it Works

Provide Details
Whether you’re tracking payroll details manually or using a payroll tracking system, we collect your details and run the calculations.
Payroll Management
After we run our calculations, we send you the final payroll cost for your approval.
Approval Process
Once approved, your employees are paid via direct deposit and sent a digital copy of their pay stub.
Year-End Support
Come tax season, we’ll ensure your employees receive their T4’s—without you even needing to ask.

Complete Payroll Solutions

Payroll processing service is an important yet tedious task. Timely processing is not only needed to pay your staff but to also remit payroll taxes to applicable government agencies so that penalties can be avoided. GlassQbe has developed a streamlined process which ensures payroll processing is completed efficiently and effectively.

How We Add Value?

By outsourcing your payroll processing services to GlassQbe, you get more than just the basic duties of calculating with holdings and administering payroll. Our value added tasks include:
  • Keeping current on government rules and regulations.
  • Organized cloud storage of payroll data for easy accessibility.
  • Processing new hires and terminations.
  • Quickly and accurately resolving issues or discrepancies.
  • Dedicated professionals to enter and maintain payroll information.
  • Customized reports based on company requirements.

Whether it’s salary increases, on-boarding new employees or terminations; our state-of-the-art technology creates digital images of each payroll transaction and routes them electronically via a secure website for your approval. By seamlessly integrating each aspect of the process, GlassQbe simplifies payroll outsourcing services. Our familiarity with the leading payroll processors ensures we can get the most out of your current infrastructure to decrease costs and maintain regulatory compliance.

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