Go Green | Go Paperless!!

Why Paperless?

Millions tons of paper is produced every year, that is a lot of trees. If you do care about our environment, and would like to do your part, then take advantage of digitizing your documents, and reduce the use of paper in your business as much as you can.

Now, are there any benefits from a business perspective?

YES – there are many benefits

  • Time Saving: Imagine the time you spend printing and editing documents on paper versus digital, or the time you take to retrieve a document from your filing cabinet?
  • Accessibility: you don’t to be in your office physically to access your filing cabinet, you can simply check the document anywhere and anytime
  • Compliance: CRA require keeping receipts for 6 years, and guess what most of those printed receipts fades in couple of years, and might not be good anymore. Going digital saving your documents on the cloud, will keep you safe and in compliance
  • Cost Savings: no more space needed ( you can have a virtual office ), or cabinets, or even printing costs
  • Backups & Security: with digital documents in the cloud, you are now safe! No risk of losses from fire, or any other disasters, and no risk of Theft using the right cloud solution.

At GlassQbe, We are experts in integrating tools and Apps for your business to help you Go Paperless.

Talk to us today, and we can help you transform!

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